The P System takes the aesthetics of the golf swing and breaks it down into positions. 


Being able to recognize a certain form and it's affects on your ball flight will lead to improvement.

In this section I will explain the best match ups at each position for my players. 

Below is an example of some of the P System Matchups in my swing. It is not the model, it's just a reference for the classifications.


P1 Address-Down the Line

Belt Line Level

Arms hanging 

Spine Inclination


P6-Shaft Parellel to the Ground on the Downswing. Clubhead blur is in line with hands indicating a close to 0 path at this point. Chest and belt buckle parallel to toes showing rotation of body. 


P2-Clubhead in line with hands hiding the shaft when it's on plane parallel to the ground. Left shoulder has started to work down to turn on the inclination of the spine at address. 



Belt Buckle and Shirt Buttons rotating toward target, right elbow bent, shaft inline with right forearm. I have early extended here, I'd like to see butt more back and up angling belt line better.


P3-Left arm parallel to the ground angled inward. Left knee is just starting to extend. Club shaft points between ball line and stance line. 


P8-Follow Through

Left Knee Extending

Right Shoulder Down

Belt Buckle and Shirt Buttons at Target


P4- Top

Belt Line and Chest rotated on spine inclination

Left arm aross chest

Right knee straightening


P9-Right Arm Parallel to Ground

Left Knee Straightening 

Eyes at Target

Right Shoulder Down

Shaft at Ball Line


P5- Left Arm Parallel to the Ground on the Downswing

Right Knee regains flex as the body rotates. Shaft moves down from shoulder to bicep as it shallows. Shaft also starts to point outside ball line as it lays down. 


P10 Finish

Shaft through eyeline

Right Shoulder Down

Belt Buckle and Shirt Buttons at the target or left of it.