Good golf starts by working on skills in the correct order. 


Most golfers are taught form before function.


They are taught the grip, a straight left arm, and keep your head down before they learn how to make the ball fly. 

The function of the golf swing should take precedent over the form. 


While certain looks affect the balls flight, golfers should learn what causes the flight first.  

You must be able to

(1)get the ball airborne to carry trouble

 (2) control the distance the ball flies 

 (3) have a repeatable pattern of direction. 

To achieve these requirements the golfer has to manage 4 skills:

1. Control low point or where the club bottoms out

2. Hit the center of the clubface 

3. Align the clubface in a repeatable manner

4. Manage the path of the clubhead 

These are the 4 essentials. Learning these skills  in order will accelerate improvement.